Rwd vs Awd Electric Cars : Performance Comparison You Need to Know

Buying an Electric car or a vehicle is an experience in itself. During this, you might discover many things you were unfamiliar with, such as Rwd and Awd. What exactly are Rwd and AWD, and what difference does it make if you have either of them in your electric vehicle? Which one is best for you and why is it important to ignore this while making a purchase decision?

In this article, we are going to find the answers to all of your questions and going to compare Rwd vs Awd Electric Cars.

Rwd vs Awd Electric Cars

Overall comparison of RWD vs AWD electric cars

CriteriaRear-Wheel Drive Electric Car (RWD)All-Wheel Drive Electric Car(AWD)
Traction and HandlingProvides good traction on dry roadsOffers better traction and stability on multi terrains
Performance in Various ConditionsLowPerforms well in various conditions
Efficiency and RangeBetter rangeSlightly low range due to more power
Cost and ComplexityLow cost and complexityHigher cost and complexity
Acceleration and SpeedGood speed/accelerationQuick acceleration and high-speed
Usage ScenariosEveryday CommutingIdeal for daily commuting and urban driving
Off-Road CapabilityLimited off road capabilities due to less tractionProvides better traction, Ideal for offroading and multi-terrain
Winter DrivingTypically struggles on icy and snowy surfaceOffers better performance and safety in winter driving.
Examples of Electric CarsModel 3 (RWD) Tesla
Nissan Leaf (RWD)
Model Y (AWD) Tesla
Audi e-tron (AWD)

What Are RWD And AWD in EV?

what are Rwd vs Awd Electric Cars

Rwd stands for “Rear Wheel Drive” while AWD stands for “All-wheel Drive”. Both of these are called drivetrains. Some electric cars are equipped with a Rwd drivetrain while some electric cars have AWD. In RWD only the rear wheels are powered by an electric motor, however, AWD has electric motors powering all the wheels.

Rwd Benefits In Electric Cars?

Unlike gasoline engines, EV vehicles are powered by electric motors. These motors are compact and can fit easily on the rear wheel of the car.

  • Better Handling: RWD is known for better handling and cornering experience due to the balanced weight distribution in front and back.
  • Simplicity: The RWD drivetrain is less complex than AWD, and it contains very few parts.
  • Cost-effective: The Rwd model of any electric car would cost you less than the AWD model of the exact car. Due to single or less electric motors the RWD is cheaper than AWD.
  • More Space In Front: Since the electric motor is at the rear side of the car, you will get more space in front and designers utilize this space in creative ways to provide you more cabin storage or leg room.

Performance of RWD Electric Cars in Snow

RWD vehicles, including electric cars, may have less initial traction on icy or slippery surfaces compared to all-wheel drive (AWD) or front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles. If you drive a RWD and AWD electric car on a slippery surface like snow you will feel the major performance difference. The AWD is designed to provide more grip, traction, and control on a slippery surface.

AWD Benefits in Electric Cars?

  • Powerful Traction: AWD electric cars have more enhanced traction than RWD EVs. The AWD is designed to keep the car in traction during high-speed acceleration and deceleration.
  • Superior Performance: AWD electric cars have an advantage in effectively transmitting power to all wheels. This results in quick 0-60 mph times and an overall performance boost.
  • Enhanced Stability: AWD electric cars are better at distributing torque to the wheels. AWD drivetrain can effectively distribute torque to control understeering and oversteering problems. Even at high speed, AWD electric cars have better control as compared to RW
  • All-Weather/terrain Capability: when it comes to the real advantage of an AWD we talk about its all-weather and all-terrain capability. It is a major difference and upgrades that a driver would feel while driving an AWD electric vehicle. If you drive a RWD and AWD electric car on a slippery surface or snow you will feel the major performance difference. The AWD is designed to provide more grip, traction, and control on a slippery surface.


The choice between AWD, Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), depends on the intended use of the vehicle, driving conditions, and consumer preferences. Both drivetrains offer unique characteristics. It’s important to note that while AWD offers numerous benefits, it can also add complexity, weight, and cost to the vehicle.

If you are looking for an electric car to drive on normal roads then a (RWD) is the best option. It will save you some money and you will get basically pretty much everything you will have in any (AWD) EV except for the drivetrain. If you want good 0-60 mph figures and multi-terrain capability then an AWD would be the best option for you. AWD also provides better resale value as compared to RWD electric cars. Thanks for visiting and reading our guide of Rwd vs Awd Electric Cars.

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