The Useful Steps For How to Fix an Electric Car Dent at Home

How to Fix an Electric Car Dent : EV servicing can be expensive, especially if there’s a dent. Small dents that occurred on the vehicle can be removed using DIY methods but bigger dent will require a full-fledged process. However, a big or larger dent will need the help of professional auto body workers to ensure that the given job is done properly and without causing any more damage to the final paint and other body pillars of the car. Customers get irritated and worried when it comes to repairing the dent in their electric or any other cars. But it can easily be removed by a few simple processes which we can discuss further below.

We tried to put together some basic knowledge about how to repair your Electric car dents when no other mechanics or car services are available. Then it’s time to be the mechanic of your car and take a few initial steps to fix a dent in the car without the help of any professional. This will also boost your knowledge about the vehicle and how the spare parts and other accessories play an important role in the car. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind before working on a car dent.

How to Fix an Electric Car Dent At Home

How to Fix an Electric Car Dent with Hair Dryer
  1. The Hair Dryer Method

It seems quite an awful act to repair a car dent with a normal hair dryer. But trust me guys, some crazy vehicle owners have successfully repaired the dent of the car by using a hair dryer. This hair dryer method works on the principle of thermal expansion and concentration. The heating that comes out from the hair dryer is applied to the dent so that the metal in that particular region becomes heat. The heating size of the metal slightly increased because of an increase in temperature. After the metal is heated it should rapidly be brought down to a low temperature.

This immediate cool-down is brought about by applying cold water or ice. To achieve this a person needs to wear a pair of rubber gloves, and aluminium foil, and to cool down a car the consumer has two options either wash the car or apply dry ice after the use of a hair dryer. To execute the process one should use the hair dryer to warm up the dent. It will take at least 5 to 6 minutes to heat the dent to deform.

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Fix Electric Car Dent Help Of a Plunger
  1. Remove The EV Dent With The Help Of a Plunger

Using a plunger to remove the dent in the car is one of the most efficient DIY methods. This is usually worked on the smaller and shallow dents. But using a plunger is itself a bit challenging. First, we should select a plunger that’s good in condition and running well. The front side of the plunger cup should be larger enough to cover the entire dent area on the car body. Before applying to the surface of the dent wash the cup of the plunger to create better entanglement with the dent area.

After the plunger is placed on the dented area, press the plunger down to create a vacuum and with this, you need to push the plunger four to five times harder to create a vacuum. Afterwards, when you get a good seal start pulling and pushing the plunger so that a pumping action is created, and at the same time you will notice that the dent is improved.

Vacuum Cleaner dent fixing
  1. Vacuum Cleaner

Another alternative method to remove the dent is the use of the vacuum cleaner. The principle of using the vacuum cleaner is the same as just the case of using the plunger. Using the vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum over the dent of the car and pulls it outward. We should use the vacuum cleaner with strong suction capabilities. Place the vacuum over the car dent and ensure a strong seal. While creating a seal you can also use a bit of water or jelly around the edge to create a better seal.

After turning on the vacuum cleaner, pull the dent using the vacuum cleaner. While maintaining the suction at right pressure this pulling and pushing creates a pumping action which can result in the pop the dent out. After a few minor attempts, the dent would be out and turn off the vacuum cleaner. At this point check for any improvements. Deeper and bigger dents cannot be fixed with such household remedial tricks.


All the above-mentioned steps and strategy for How to Fix an Electric Car Dent are only helpful in the case of minor dents. But for major work, we should recommend visiting your nearest branch service station. Thus improving the dent on the car is nevertheless easy work but it gives the new shine to our very owned old vehicle.

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