Electric Vehicle Driving Tips for Smooth Driving and Enhanced EV Range

If you are a new EV buyer or have been using an EV for some time and are now searching for electric vehicle driving tips then this article is going to be extremely useful for you. In this article we have gathered some of the best EV driving tips that will help you extend your EV range with a safe and smooth driving experience.

These Electrical Vehicle Driving tips are compiled from long driving experience of electric vehicle users and drivers. You can take note of these tips to enhance your EV driving and have a wonderful experience on the road.

Electric Vehicle Driving Tips

Electric Vehicle Driving Tips

Here are some driving tips to keep in mind while driving an EV. This tips will help you to increase the range and life of your electric vehicle.

Use regenerative braking whenever possible

During deceleration or braking in your EV, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. This process is known as regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is the technology used in electric vehicles to recover and store energy that is typically lost as heat, thereby increasing the range of your EV.

To effectively use regenerative braking, lift your foot off the accelerator pedal in advance when you know you will need to slow down or stop. Some electric vehicles offer different levels of regenerative braking. For these vehicles, you can choose between high, medium, or low settings. Higher regen settings can be used in heavy traffic and at stops, whereas low regen settings can be used on highways where there is sparse traffic.

Run your EV at Normal Speed

The faster you drive, the more energy you will use. Try to keep your speed under 60 mph. This will help you in many ways, such as extending your range, enhancing regenerative braking, improving energy efficiency, safer driving, reducing wear and tear on the motor, battery, and tires, providing a quieter and more comfortable ride and also benefiting the environment.

Do appropriate Settings for Accessories

This is another one most important Electric Vehicle Driving Tips. Because Accessories of vehicle plays a crucial role in our life. This includes air conditioner, the heater, and the stereo. If you can, try to keep these things off when they are not in use, this will definately help you to save energy and increase your EV range.

Get regular maintenance

For running smoothly, without any disturbance, just like any other car, your electric vehicle also needs regular maintenance. The maintenance includes things like oil changes, tire rotations,Battery Health Check, Cooling, Software Updates, and brake inspection. Read more> 5 EV Maintenance Tips

Plan your trips carefully

EV charging stations are not much widespread as gas or petrol-diesel pumps. So in that case it is important to properly plan your tips as per your EV’s range and avaialbility of charging stations in your route. Make sure you know where the charging stations are located along your route. You can use a map app or a website like PlugShare to find charging stations.

Thanks for reading our post. Hope you find this article useful. Be sure to share these Electric Vehicle Driving Tips with your friends and family who own an EV or are thinking of getting one.

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