Top 5 Electric Cars with 300 mile Range and More than it (USA 2023)

There are very less Electric Cars with 300 mile Range are available. Driving range is the biggest concerned for every ev buyer. The world is changing and Electric cars are rapidly getting popular in usa as well as all over the world. But still some of them are not able to fulfill the range of at least 300miles.

Electric vehicles are cost friendly, they are easy to drive, but the range is big issue for many buyers. So to solve this problem, in this article we included a list of top 5 electric cars with 300 mile range or more than it. So let’s begin.

Electric Cars with 300 Mile Range

This list of electric vehicle with 300 mile range also has some electric vehicles with over 300 mile range. Each car has diffrent design, specifications and cost. So you can choose the best electric car as per your budget.

Kia Ev6 wind(rwd)

Electric Cars with 300 mile Range

Kia EV6 wind (rwd) was launched in 2021. Kia is one of the giant ev companies available in usa. Kia has launched many ev models but the Kia Ev6 has a good range in good budget. As per company’s claim this car has a estimated range of 310 miles on single charge. Whereas a 77.4 kwh battery is used to run a 225hp aap electric.

This car comes with a capacity of 5 passengers. This is a rear wheel drive electric car provides features like Wi-Fi hotspot, Satellite radio, MP3 player, power mirrors, heated mirrors, intermittent wipers, adjustable steering wheel, keyless start etc.

The Starting cost for kia EV6 wind (rwd) is $42,000 and it can goes up to $61,600

Tesla model 3

Tesla is the most popular and biggest ev company till now. They are famous for their elegance, but they also make excellent automobiles. Tesla model 3 is amongs the one of the most popular electric cars available in usa till now.

Model 3 has a range of 333 miles and it can go 0 to 60mph in just 3.1 seconds. It takes upto 10 hours to fully charge the car at home. Also model 3 offers precious interior, comfortable ride and rapid acceleration. Company gives warranty of 8 years or running up to 100,000 miles. Because of working on electricity, the model 3 only has cost to drive of $35/month.

The starting price for Tesla model 3 is $43,380 and it goes up to $52,990.

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Lucid Air

Electric Cars with 300 Mile Range

lucid air is another popular electric car but it has more cost than many if budget friendly electric cars. Lucid air is available in four different models: pure, touring, grand touring, grand touring performance etc. Among these touring is the basic model with lowest price.

The estimated range for lucid air pure is upto 410 miles. A 15 minutes of charge can run the car for upto 200 miles. These EV can goes from 0-60mph in just 3.8 seconds. Lucid air comes with advanced ev charging features that’s why it can be charged faster. Due to its range of 410 miles this car comes in a list of electric cars with 300 mile range.

As per customer’s reviews this car has excellent real world range, comfortable and smooth for day to day driving, it comes with spacious cabin and ample of cargo storage. The price for lucid air pure is starts from $87,400.

2023 Hyundai ioniq 6

Electric vehicle with 300 Mile Range

2023 Hyundai ioniq 6 has a range of upto 361 miles on single charge. It is an another electric cars with 300 mile range. Ioniq 6 has a really wonderful car design. This car also won a 2023 worldcar of the year’s record.

This car has comfortable and well built interior. Also with the wonderful design, it’s impressive range makes it a perfect electric car. Ioniq 6 is launched in 2023. Company gives a battery warranty of 10 years or 100000 miles. There are four different ioniq 6 models are available in market: SE standard range, SE, SEL nd limited.

Among these an SEL model is most popular. The starting cost for SE is $45,500 and SEL is $47,700.

BMW iX xDrive50

electric vehicle with 300 mile range

BMW ix xDrive50 ev has a estimated range of 307 miles on single charge. On 10 minutes of charging it can goes upto 90 miles. The xDrive50 can goes from 0-60 MPH in jhst 4.4 seconds of time. This car is available in more than 9 colour options.

The starting price for BMW iX xDrive50 is $87,100.


So guys we hope that this article fulfill your intent of searching best electric vehicle with 300 mile range. Because this article is a complete guide for top 5 best Electric Cars with 300 mile Range and there are also electric vehicles with over 300 mile range included. So we hope that this article will be useful for you. IF you have any doubts regarding the cars or anything, you can comment us below or you can contact the owner through the contact us page available on site. Thanks

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