These are top 10 Electric Convertible Cars for 2023 in USA

Heard of Electric Convertible cars? With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the concern of banning ICE (internal combustion engines), EV manufacturers are doing their best to provide wide options to customers. 

Electric convertible cars have gained global acceptance, and adding an electric option makes them even more appealing. Thus, I thought, why not compile a list of the best electric convertible cars available in the USA? So, let’s dive into the blog. 

Top Electric Convertible Cars in the USA 

Here is a quick table list for all the 10 Best Electric Convertible Cars, detailed specifications for all of them are given below.

S. NoElectric Convertible Cars PriceTop SpeedRange 
1.Fiat 500e$30k- $40k93 mph199 miles
2.Ferrari 296 GTS$371,139205 mph16 miles
3.Ferrari SF90 Spider$530,000211 mph16 miles
4.AC Cobra Series 1$190,000120 mph150 miles 
5.Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray$111,295180 mph5 miles
6.Maserati MC20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore$250,000201 mph300 miles
7.Fisker Project Ronin$385,000170 mph600 miles 
8.Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio$30,28580.8mph60 miles
9.GMC Hummer EV$79,995106 mph381 miles
10.Tesla Roadster$200,000250mph620 miles
Top Electric Convertible Cars in the USA 

Fiat 500e Convertible 

Fiat 500e was launched in March 2020. This stylish mini car is available in both convertible and hatchback models. The city car has autonomous driving capabilities and a late 50s design with a pinch of modern changes. 

Although the Fiat 500e offers comfort, it lacks in terms of space. However, it’s pretty good for a small family. The additional features of the Fiat 500e include a navigation system, a wireless charger for smartphones, and more. 

Price: $30,00- $40,000 

Electric Convertible Cars

Ferrari 296 GTS

Ferrari is a famous brand that doesn’t need any introduction. But you need to know about the Ferrari 296 GTS, one of the most suggested luxurious convertible cars. 296 GTS brings stylish design and top-notch speed.

You can take this sports car from 0-100 km h in seconds. Although Ferrari gives its best in speed, looks, comfort, and features, it still has a significant drawback. The maximum range of this fun-to-drive car is limited to only 16 miles.

Price: $371,139

Ferrari SF90 Spider a Electric Convertible Car

Ferrari SF90 Spider

While most electric cars lack speed, Ferrari does precisely the opposite of it. The Ferrari SF90 Spider is the twin of the Ferrari 296 GTS with improvements. Besides exotic design, the manufacturers have paid attention to its horsepower and comfort.

The new 2024 model includes 1016 horsepower and additional features. Besides this, the Ferrari SF90 promises unbeatable speed and luxurious interior design. This supercar can go from zero to 60mph in merely 2.5 seconds. 

Price: $530,000

AC Cobra Series 1

AC Cobra Series 1

AC Cobra has been known for its legendary sports car since the 1960s. And now this AC Cobra is back with the same car with a touch of electric power. The new revolution in its design adds a cherry on the cake.

AC Cobra Series 1 is currently not available in the market. The sports car has not only improved looks and engine but also the speed. AC Cobra Series 1 goes from 0 – 62mph in 4 seconds. However, the production of this supercar is limited to 58. 

Price: $190,000 

Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray

Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray

Chevrolet has never disappointed its customers, and now they are back with the Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray. This electric convertible car will be available in the market by 2024. 

Besides, the whooping style and speed Chevrolet has given additional efforts in the interior. The supercar can go from zero to 60mph in a fraction of 2.5 seconds. These numbers are enough to justify its power. The electrification of the Corvette has enhanced its range and performance. 

Price: $111,295

Maserati MC 20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore

Maserati MC 20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore

The following car we are discussing isn’t available in the market yet. But I can say that you can’t find a better electric convertible car than this. Maserati MC20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore is a fast and stylish sports car.

The key reason that helped this car be on the list is its range. Although the MC20 goes from zero to 60mph in 2 seconds, it still gives you a range of 300 miles. This range is comparatively more than other similar cars. 

Price: $250,000

Fisker Project Ronin 

Fisker is popularly known for its sports car. And now they are up with the Ronin concept. This four-door convertible car will be produced by the end of 2025. Despite the long wait, people are already excited about this new lunch. 

Fisker aims to provide high performance, including looks, range, and speed. The supercar can go from zero to 60 mph in 2 seconds with an estimated range of 600 miles. You can expect to see this car in the market by 2026. 

Price: $385,000

electric convertible cars smart EQ

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio

SmartEQ Fortwo Cabrio is a cute and elegant convertible car. This car isn’t as swift and stylish as other cars. Yet it is worth investing due to its simplicity and on-peak performance.

SmartEQ Fortwo Cabrio is basically innovated for daily commutes. Thus, it offers you a range and average speed at a reasonable price. The Cabrio can go from zero to 60 mph in 12 seconds with a top speed of 81 mph. 

Price: $30,285

GMC Hummer EV convertible

GMC Hummer EV

If you are looking for a convertible SUV that is too electrified, this one is for you. GMC Hummer EV is an electrified SUV car. It offers everything anyone wants: a luxurious interior, sizzling looks, and range.

GMC Hummer EV will be out by 2024. This five-seater electric car is convertible with a big and bold design. GMC Hummer EV basically offers removable roofs that make it convertible and advanced features that justify its cost-efficiency. 

Price: $79,995

Tesla Roadster (2nd Generation)

Tesla Roadster (2nd Generation)

The names Tesla and EV both go along. So, how could Tesla stay back in terms of Convertible cars? Hence, Tesla recently announced the Tesla Roadster 2nd generation, which will be soon visible in the market by the end of 2024.

The new generation has significantly enhanced in terms of speed and acceleration. The supercar can go from zero to 60 mph in only 1.9 seconds. While on the other side, the top speed has increased from 125 mph to 250 mph dramatically. 

Price: $200,000 


The electric vehicle market is rapidly evolving, with new and improved options emerging over time, including Electric Convertible Cars. While choices may be limited now, numerous projects are in progress, and waiting until the end of 2025 is advisable to explore better options. This blog featured a comprehensive list of 10 convertible electric cars available in the USA, highlighting their prices, top speeds, and ranges. 


Why are there no convertible electric cars?

Convertible cars need better design and manufacturing systems to strengthen the car. However, convertible electric cars are available in the market. 

Is there any Tesla convertible?

Yes, Tesla announced its electric convertible car, Tesla Roadster, in 2017. It is expected to be out by 2024.

What is the price of a convertible electric car?

The price of a Convertible car varies based on manufacturers. However, the estimated range is between $30,000 to more than $200,000.

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