Top 5 Best Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars in USA 2023

Best Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars Adult electric Bikes in USA : For short-distance and city travel, electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in all over the world. Electric bikes, or e-bicycle, are easy to carry and more affordable than traditional motorcycles. These bikes can be used in both throttle and pedal-assist modes, eliminating range anxiety while riding.

Moreover, electric bikes are an excellent choice for health-conscious buyers, as they provide a means to stay fit while commuting. So if you are also one who is looking for an budget electric bikes under $500 dollars then in this article we are going to share the top 5 best electric bikes under $500 available in USA. So let’s begin

Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars

Here is the quick list of all 5 e-bikes with their purchasing links. You can check detailed reviews of each of them below.

  1. Jasion EB5 Electric Bike – Purchase Here
  2. Heybike Race Max – Purchase Here
  3. Oraimo Monster 100 – Purchase Here
  4. Speedrid Electric Bike – Purchase Here
  5. ACTBEST Core Electric Bike – Purchase Here
Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars

Jasion EB5 Electric Bike

The first electric bike on our list comes from the popular bike company Jasion Electric Bikes. This is an Adults e-bike which comes with 360Wh Removable Battery and 350W of BLDC motor. company claims a 25-40Miles of per charge range with a top speed of 20 MPH. Charging from 0-100% takes 5-6 hours of time.

Jasion EB5 comes with a slim but strong Aluminium frame. It is equipped with a LED headlight & taillight, front fork suspension, LCD Display, 7-Speed Gears etc. Talking about warranty the company gives ‎1-year of warranty on battery and motor. Overall, the positive reviews and features make this bike a perfect choice for daily commuting. You can learn more about and purchase this bike by visiting the Amazon link provided below.

Battery Capacity : 360Wh (removable Battery)
Motor : 350W of BLDC motor
Range : 25-40 Miles
Top Speed : 20 MPH
Charging time : 5-6 hours
Warranty : ‎1-year on battery and motor

best Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars

Heybike Race Max

The second electric bike on our list comes from Heybike. This bike offers a sturdy, clean, and sleek appearance with powerful specifications. The Heybike Race Max is equipped with a 500W Brushless Motor and a 48V, 12.5AH removable battery. It features 7 speeds, and with its 12.5AH detachable battery, this bike can cover a range of 31-40 miles per charge. Due to speed limit laws, the maximum speed is limited to 21.3 mph.

The Race Max is available in three different color options: black, blue, and white. This e-bike is versatile and can be used for various purposes such as urban riding, commuting, off-roading, traveling, and more. The Heybike Race Max boasts numerous features, including front suspension, a digital display, lightweight design, adjustable handlebars, a headlight, and an adjustable seat, among others.

Battery Capacity: 48v, 12.4 Ah(removable Battery)
Motor: 500W of BLDC motor
Range: 31-40 Miles
Top Speed: 21.3 MPH
Charging time: 6-7 hours
Warranty: ‎1-year on battery and motor

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Electric Bike Under 500 Dollars

Oraimo Monster 100

Oraimo Electric is another popular USA based e-bike and e-bike accessories manufacturing and selling company. Currently, they offer four different types of bikes, and among them, the Oraimo Monster 100 is their lowest-cost and most popular variant, which makes it best Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars.

The Monster 100 comes with a 350W motor that can generate a peak power of 500W and is equipped with a powerful 468-watt li-ion battery. With a top speed of 20 MPH, Oraimo claims a pedal-assist range of 45 miles per charge and a pure electric range of 28-35 miles. It also features 21-speed gears and front suspension. This electric bike supports fast charging, allowing it to be charged from 0 to 100% in just 3 hours. The Monster 100 is available in two different colors: white and black. You can look all other specifications and purchase this bike from the amazon link given below.

Battery Capacity: 468 watt li-ion (removable Battery)
Motor: 350W of BLDC motor
Range: 28-35 Miles
Top Speed: 20 MPH
Charging time: 3 hours
Warranty: ‎1-year on battery and motor

best e bike under 500

Speedrid Electric Bike

The Speedrid Electric Bike is a fat-tire, heavy mountain electric bike created by the Speedrid e-bike and scooter company. Currently, Speedrid offers a single e-bike model, which is highly popular among bike enthusiasts. The Speedrid Electric Bike features a 500W BLDC motor and a 48V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery. According to the company’s claim, the motor can generate a peak power of 750W, allowing it to reach a top speed of up to 25 MPH. Charging takes approximately 3-4 hours to reach a full charge.

This e-bike is equipped with a smart LCD display that provides data on speed, battery level, mileage, riding modes, error reports, and more. The company offers a one-year warranty for any parts. In terms of accessories and components, this bike comes with mudguards, fat tires, an aluminum frame, a bell, front suspension, and more.

Battery Capacity: 48v, 10.4 Ah(removable Battery)
Motor: 500W of BLDC motor
Range: 30 Miles
Top Speed: 25 MPH
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Warranty: ‎1-year on battery and motor

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electric bike under 500 dollars in usa

ACTBEST Core Electric Bike: Best Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars

ACTBEST is a California-based e-bike and e-bike accessories manufacturing company. This e-bike comes with a 500W Brushless DC Motor and a 468Wh Removable Built-in Battery. It also features 7-speed gears, providing a range of up to 50 miles on PAS mode and up to 35 miles on throttle only.

The ACTBEST Core is equipped with a digital LCD screen that displays key information such as speed, battery level, and assist level, making it easy for you to track your ride. The product comes with a 12-month warranty, and the bike is 90% assembled, including instructions and tools for assembly. The inbuilt battery in the aluminum frame gives this e-bike a sportier and MTB (mountain bike) look. Currently, there are two different color options available for this bike.

Battery Capacity: 468 watt (Removable Built-in Battery)
Motor: 500W of BLDC motor
Range: 35 Miles
Top Speed: 22 MPH
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Warranty: ‎1-year on battery and motor

So here is the list of the top 5 most popular and best Electric Bikes Under $500 Dollars. We hope that this information will be really useful for you when making a decision to choose the best electric bike according to your needs. As per our suggestion, if you are a sport bike lover and love to ride at higher speeds, then the Speedrid Electric Bike will be a good choice for you because it is a perfect example of a mountain electric bike. If speed and appearance are not your primary concerns and you need a bike with a good range, then you can choose any of the other bikes from the list.

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