Top 5 Best AWD Electric Pickup Trucks in USA 

As everything is getting electrified around, how could pickup trucks be ignored? Pickup trucks are significant in various industries, including construction, transportation, etc. And it is essential to go along with modern technologies to save money and time.

Electric pickup trucks are now rapidly getting popular. However, finding AWD (All-wheel drive) electric pickup trucks can be hectic with limited options. Thus, I made your challenge easy. Today, I have picked the 5 best AWD electric pickup trucks you can rely on. 

Top AWD electric pickup trucks 

What can be better than getting an overview of the entire content in one glance? So, here is a list of the best AWD electric pickup trucks in a nutshell. But don’t forget to read further for a better understanding.  

S. NoBest AWD Electric Pickup Trucks Price RangePayload capacity Top speed
1.Ford F-150 Lightning$50,000 320 miles1,952 lbs110mph
2.Rivian R1T $73,000410 miles1,764 lbs110mph
3.Tesla cyber truck$69,000500 miles3,500 lbs120mph
4.Chevrolet Silverado ev$52,000450 miles 1440 lbsTBA
5.Toyota Tacoma ev$50,000300 miles1,709 lbsTBA
Best AWD Electric Pickup Trucks

Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford has been manufacturing pickup trucks since 1975. Recently, they announced the Ford F-150 Lightning, part of the 14th generation of the Ford F-series.  F-150 lightning is electric and provides AWD and on-peak range. 

Besides this, the F-150 Lightning includes over-the-air software updates that ensure efficiency, and it also offers substantial software-based driving aid.

However, it doesn’t have full self-driving capabilities. But you shouldn’t forget that the F-150 offers a range of 320 miles. This number is appreciable at its price. 

Horsepower:- 580hp

Towing capacity:- 10,000 lbs

Acceleration:- 4 seconds 

Top speed:- 110mph 

Price:- $50,000 – $70,000

Ps:- all the above specifications are mentioned based on the extended battery. 

4WD Electric Pickup Trucks

Rivian r1t

Rivian R1T is an unbeatable AWD Electric Pickup Trucks. It offers speed, range, looks, and payload in one place. This all-purpose electric pickup truck offers you a smooth ride and luxurious experience. 

Rivian R1T is accessorized with modern technology, making it more convenient. The Rivian app converts your phone into a key, driving assistance improves your journey, and additional safety features enhance the overall performance. 

You can get Rivian R1T in two different varieties that include Dual Motor and Quad Motor. I have mentioned the most basic version, Dual Motor, here.  In terms of acceleration, Rivian R1T is similar to its other models. It can go from 0 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds. While the Quad Motor can go to 60mph in 3 seconds. 

Horsepower:– 533hp

Towing capacity:- 11,000 lbs

Acceleration:- 4.5 seconds 

Top speed:- 110 mph

Price:- $73,000

Tesla Pickup truck

Tesla Cyber Truck (Tri-Motor)

Tesla never disappoints, and the Tesla cyber truck proves that efficiently. You should consider the Cyber truck if you are looking for a pickup truck with vast payload capacity. Although it’s a pickup truck, the performance and features tell a different story.

The Tesla cyber truck isn’t any less than a sports car. Besides the stainless steel exterior body, it also offers swift acceleration. You can take a Cyber truck Tri-Motor from 0 to 60mph in a mere 2.9 seconds. In addition, the Tesla Cyber truck gives you a range of 500 miles, making it a better option. Cyber truck is not yet launched, but expect it in the market by late 2023 or early 2024.

Horsepower:- 805hp

Towing capacity:- 14,000 lbs 

Acceleration:- 2.9 seconds

Top speed:- 120mph

Price:- $69,000

Chevrolet Silverado pickup ev

Chevrolet Silverado ev

The Chevrolet Silverado EV is an upcoming Awd electric pickup trucks. You can expect to find this in the market by 2024. Although it’s not yet released, it has created a buzz among users due to its versatility and competitive pricing. 

The Chevrolet Silverado EV offers everything anyone would look for. From speed to exterior looks, the Chevrolet Silverado EV gives competition to all current electric pickup trucks. You can take the Silverado EV from 0 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds. However, there’s no official announcement about the top speed. 

And this speed doesn’t affect its range. The Chevrolet Silverado EV offers an appreciable range of 450 miles. In addition to this, it also offers adaptive air suspension, a differential-locking system, and more. 

Horsepower:- 754hp

Towing capacity:- 10,000 lbs

Acceleration:- 4.5 seconds 

Top speed:- TBA (to be announced)

Price:- $52,000

Toyota 4wd electric truck

Toyota Tacoma EV 2025

People lashed Toyota for its slow transition until it announced the Toyota Tacoma EV. Toyota is coming up with its 4wd electric pickup truck in 2025. Similar to any other Toyota member, even the Tacoma EV is coming with better features and benefits. 

Although Tacoma EV 2025 may not be as fast as Tesla in acceleration, it still justifies its expected price. The Tacoma EV is expected to go from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds. It also offers safety features and a pretty acceptable range. 

Horsepower:- 326hp

Towing capacity:- 6,500 lbs

Acceleration:- 7 seconds

Top speed:- TBA (to be announced)

Price:-  $50,000


Electrification in pickup trucks isn’t any less than revolution. But it’s always better to research your EV before investing in it. In this blog, I mentioned 5 Best AWD electric pickup trucks. These trucks are suitable for off-road, and they are also AWD, making them an even better option. However, before you make a decision, always ensure to check your budget, EV range, and payload for a wiser outcome. We hope that this article of 4WD electric pickup trucks will help you to choose best one for your needs. We have many more blog articles written on electric vehicles you can also read them.


How much does an electric pickup truck cost?

The estimated starting price of an electric pickup truck is around $45,000. However, the price may vary based on several factors.

What is the top speed of an electric pickup truck? 

The top speed of an electric truck is between 111 to 120 mph. However, the Rivian R1T quad Motor is expected to offer 130 mph. 

Do EV trucks save money?

EV trucks are way more cost-efficient. The maintenance charge of EVs is around 50%  less than gasoline trucks. 

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