4 Essential Tips for Charging an Electric Car in an Apartment

Tips for Charging an Electric Car in an Apartment, How to Charge an Electric Car In Apartment Buildings and Cost of Charging an Electric Car in an Apartment 

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of owning an electric car. An electric vehicle needs to recharge, just like we need to eat to replenish our energy. But don’t worry, as a dedicated apartment dweller, this process can be convenient and simple. There are plenty of ways to keep your electric vehicle (EV) charged up and ready to go.

If you too reside in an apartment and are unsure about How to Charge an Electric Car In Apartment Buildings, then continue reading this article. Through this piece, we aim to share some essential tips for charging an electric car in an apartment premises.

Charging an Electric Car in an Apartment

Tips for Charging an Electric Car in an Apartment

Here are 4 tips for those who don’t know How to Charge an Electric Car In Apartment Buildings:

  1. Home Charging: Even with limited space or no garage, you can set up a charging station in your parking spot. Seek permission from your landlord or, if you own your apartment, consult with an electrician. Because Installing a charging station not only adds incredible value to the property, but it also positions the residence as eco-friendly and forward-thinking.

  2. Use Public Charging Stations: If charging at home is not feasible for you, local public charging stations are a viable alternative. Several apps, such as Chargeway and PlugShare, can assist you in pinpointing the closest station. In order to use public charging stations, drive your EV to the station, connect it to the charger, and then return home. After approximately 3-5 hours, when your EV is fully charged, you can return to collect your vehicle and drive back home.

  3. Charging at Your Workplace: These days, numerous workplaces provide charging stations for their employees. This opportunity to charge your electric car while you are at work could be a total game-changer. However, holidays might present a minor hiccup since you may not be visiting the office on those days. But fear not! We’ve got you covered. This article details other alternatives for charging your electric car, which could be handy during such instances.

  4. Portable Chargers: In the current era, the majority of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are equipped with portable chargers that are compatible with standard wall outlets. Notwithstanding, it’s worth noting that compared to other charging methods, this may be a slower alternative. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a discouragement, as you can easily plug it overnight to ensure a full charge by morning. If you find your apartment lacking an outlet, which may be the case for some, don’t fret. There’s a simple solution to this predicament. First, step out of your apartment and explore your surroundings for a potential outlet. Details pertaining to this process are further expounded below: 

    • Look for an external power source or outlet within the vicinity of your apartment complex.
    • Ensure the outlet found is safe and accessible for your charging needs.

    Equipped with these tips, finding a convenient location to charge your EV in an apartment setting becomes a task within reach. Consider a Plug-In Hybrid: If charging is a concern because of your living situation, you might consider a plug-in hybrid. They have smaller batteries and can also run on gasoline when necessary. Read> Best Hybrid SUV in USA 

Cost of Charging an Electric Car in an Apartment

Cost of Charging an Electric Car in an Apartment 

When living in an apartment, considerations for cost-effectiveness become paramount when looking at the prospect of charging an electric vehicle (EV). We will consider the cost of different charging options you might find suitable within your apartment living setting. 

Using the previously presented charging options, here’s a quick glance at what the different charging options may cost: 

Charging OptionApproximate Cost
Home ChargingDepending upon your electric utility rates, this typically costs between $0.02 and $0.04 per mile.
Public Charging StationsThis could range from being free to up to $0.30 per kilowatt-hour based on locality and the specific charging station provider.
Charging at WorkplaceOften free, but depending on the employer, they might charge a nominal fee.
Portable ChargersThe cost would be equivalent to home charging, but consider equipment costs for the charger ranging between $300-$600 on average.
Plug-In HybridTypically uses less electric charge due to smaller battery capacity, thus it can cost less than a pure electric vehicle. Also, it provides flexibility with a gasoline option for extensive driving.

While these costs are informative, it’s crucial to remember they are only estimates. With variables such as electricity rates and individual vehicle specifications at play, your actual cost may vary. Additionally, significant cost savings can be achieved by capitalizing on off-peak electricity rates offered by many utility companies. Consequently, even in an apartment setting, this makes EV charging a cost-effective and convenient option for many individuals.


In this section, we discuss all the possible methods you could adopt to charge an Electric Vehicle (EV) while living in an apartment. Now you’re free to choose whichever method suits your needs best.

Keep in mind that electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent. As a result, charging solutions suitable for apartment settings will also become more abundant and convenient. In the coming years, the issues you’re facing now will likely be alleviated. Thus, it’s important to stay patient and continue applying the tips provided in this article. If you have any more tips for charging an electric car in an apartment, make sure to share them with us and many EV owners by commenting below. Thanks for reading & Happy EV riding always 🙂

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