10 Reasons why Gas Cars are Better than Electric Cars

10 Reasons why Gas Cars are Better than Electric Cars : The Electric auto market is booming day by day. and due to the low operating cost of electric cars, many buyers preffering to purchase an electric car than gas cars. But still there are many reasons which makes a gas car better choice than electric one.

In this article we are going to discuss the 10 reasons why gas cars are better than electric cars. If you are also thinking to purchase a new vehicle, then this article is going to be absolutely useful for you.

10 Reasons why Gas Cars are Better than Electric Cars

10 Reasons why Gas Cars are Better than Electric Cars

1) Well-established Refueling infrastructure

Gasoline stations are the most commonly available type of refueling infrastructure for conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. There are plenty of Gasoline stations available all over the world. But as we know electric vehicles are still new to us. Due to that they don’t have enough infrastructre available in many growing countries.

2) Longer Range and driving distance

Gasoline has a much higher energy density, meaning it can store a larger amount of energy per unit of volume or weight compared to batteries. Due to this gasoline vehicles can cover longer distance than electric battries.

Gas cars have much longer distance and driving range than electric cars. Also due to well spread refuling infrastrucutre they can be refule anywhere. Read> How to increase range of EV

3) Instant refueling

Gas cars can be refueled quickly at any gas station. It typically takes a few minutes to fill up the gas tank, and then the vehicle is ready to travel again with a full tank. For longer distance travel this is the advantage of gas cars.

Whereas the electric vehicles takes atleast 30 minutes to get fully charge and to get ready for travelling again. So due to this, in terms of instant refulling gas cars are better than electric cars.

4) Affordability to purchase

As per the 2023 study by the U.S. Department of Energy, the average cost of an electric car is $55,000, whereas the average cost of a gasoline car is $40,000. Due to this Electric cars are about 35% more expensive to purchase than gas cars.

Due to the cost of batteries, EVs have a higher upfront cost. However, gas cars are more affordable to purchase.

5) They are more familiar

Gas cars are in the market for over a century. This are most familiar cars till now. They are mass produced and many peoples have driving experience with them. On the other hand, electric vehicles, although gaining popularity, have not been as widespread historically. Charging Infrastructure, Range Anxiety, cost, Limited Exposure etc are the certain cahallenges for their widespread adoption. This is also a popular reason amongs the 10 Reasons why Gas Cars are Better than Electric Cars.

6) More resale value

Gas cars typically have a higher resale value than electric cars. The battries used in EV’s are costly and they can be degrade over time, which leads to the reduction in driving range. Due to degradaton of battery the overall performance of the car may diminish, which impacts its resale value. Whereas the gas cars not have any battry, also they have longer life engines. So this is the plus point which gives More resale value of gas cars.

Also in some regions of country, to promote EV’s, government offers some incentives and subsidies, this makes new EV’s more affordable than old one. Whereas there is no incentive for gas cars, so they are more affordable to purchase old one also.

7) Pollution while producing EV battries

Battries of EV’s are made from Lithium ion, this Lithium is created by Lithium Mining, batrtries also contain cobalt, nickel, and manganese.

Mining these minerals takes a huge toll on local ecosystems. Large quantities of freshwater are used in mining, which reduces the source of drinkable water for local communities. Apart from this there is no bettries are used in gas cars. which makes them better than electric vehicles.

8) Available in More options

Electric cars are still new in market and they don’t have much variants available. There are currently more gas cars available on the market than electric cars, which gives buyers more options to choose from.

9) No need of Electricity to charge them

Electric cars needs a electrical supply to charge them. If the electricity comes from sources that produce significant greenhouse gas emissions, such as coal-fired power plants, it can result in increased pollution and undermine some of the environmental benefits of EVs. While traditional gas-powered cars rely on gasoline or diesel to fuel their internal combustion engines.

10) Higher Top Speed

Generally many electric vehicles have limited top speed compare to gas cars. Gasoline-powered cars typically have higher top speeds because they are equipped with powerful internal combustion engines that can generate a significant amount of horsepower and torque compare to electric motors of EV.

So guys these are the 10 Reasons why Gas Cars are Better than Electric Cars. Although electric cars have some disadvantages, they also have some advantages. In the upcoming future, EV companies will surely improve all the loopholes of electric cars. We hope that this article is going to be very useful for you. Links for more related articles are given below.

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